Vegan pan brioche flower dressed with vegan hazelnut spread

45 minutes



Serves 8 to 10:

300gr type 0 organic wheat flour
120gr organic soy milk
25gr organic brown sugar
10gr organic baking powder
25gr rice flour + 25gr soy milk (this mix replaces two eggs)
30gr sunflower seed oil (NO GMO)
one pinch of salt
For the filling: Home-made hazelnut sprea

In one bowl mix the rice flour and the soy milk: this mix will replace the egg. In one large bowl pour the soy milk, extra-virgin olive oil, brown sugar, one pinch of salt and the mix of rice flour and so milk that you have prepared previously. Mix well. Add organic dessert baking powder. Put the wheat flour type “0” on your worktop making a well then in the middle pour the sourdough starter. Knead and let rise for an hour.

To make our pan brioche flower, divide the dough into four parts and flatten them into four 3-mm thick circles with diameter 26 cm. To obtain precise circles, place a plate as a mould and cut the dough around it. Take an oven tray and cover it with a sheet of baking paper.

Lay the first pastry disc and spread 1,5 tablespoon of hazelnut spread. Lay the second pastry disc and spread the hazelnut cream on it, then place the last pastry disc.

Put the glass at the centre and cut 16 sectors. To make the petals take two sectors and close them making a pointy petal shape. (See picture on cover page) Let rise for 30 minutes. Bake in pre-heated oven for about 25 minutes at 160°C. Allow to cool before serving.


A special thanks goes to Francesca Fiorucci for the translation