Fragrant Vegan Cake with Rose and Lemon balm leaves

40 minutes



Ingredients serves 8 people:

100g of organic flour
70gr of cane sugar
100g of organic natural soy milk
60gr of corn oil or sunflowers
10gr baking powder
5 scented roses (petals)
Zest of half a biological lemon
10-15 fresh leaves of Lemon balm

This dessert has the mountain scent.

I collect roses and aromatic plants in the mountains about 800 meters above sea level.

My teacher Loretta introduced me to this world that I have been dating for about 15 years. Nature is our home, this I often tell myself.

This dessert is simple to make. I mixed the classic dough to make the vegan dessert with the petals of Damascene Rose and fresh lemon balm leaves.

Damask Rose is a very fragrant rose and is often used to make cosmetic products.

Melissa is an aromatic plant that expresses the smell similar to lemon. Delicious!


In a large bowl mix the soy milk, corn oil, brown sugar, baking powder. Add the rose petals, the leaves of Lemon balm and the grated rind of half a lemon.

Mix well and add the flour. We mix again.

Pour the mixture into a cake tin with a diameter of about 18-20cm slightly greased with corn oil. Bake in the oven, already hot, at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes