How to make Meringues without eggs!

2 hours



Ingredients for 50-80 meringues:

1 pack of pre-cooked chickpeas organic 400gr
100g of brown sugar
1 tablespoon of lemon juice

I thank “Oreegano Italia”, the community of recipes attentive to nutrition, for letting me know the book published by “Gruppo Macro” “Cucinare a colori” by Jessica and Lorenzo of the project “Cucinare secondo natura” a beautiful book with similar contents to my life and professional path.

Choosing a vegetable diet does not mean to deprive yourself of taste, color or indeed!

This recipe that I present, thanks to the book “Cucinare a colori”, totally vegan meringues is the demonstration that with technique and knowledge you can make good and healthful infinite dishes.

I present my festive dessert: Vegan Tiramisu, chocolates, biscuits and meringues … all vegan!

Obtain a packet of precooked organic chickpeas. Refrigerate the package for at least half a day. The cooking water of cold chickpeas can be better assembled.

Filter 150gr of cooking water from pre-cooked chickpeas. Whisk with electric whisk or planetary for 5 minutes then add a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Weigh the brown sugar and grind it finely. Add it slowly. Continue to assemble for another 15 minutes.

Transfer to a pastry bag. You will notice that this worked liquid will be abundant. You can also use it to garnish cakes, we like it!

Coat a large baking dish with parchment paper. make your meringues and bake at 100 degrees for an hour and a half of it in a ventilated oven.

Use aquafaba meringues to decorate cakes and desserts with other sweets as in pictures with vegan chocolates, vegan biscuits and a glass of vegan Tiramisu.

The recipes of Vegan Tiramisu, shortbread and chocolates are on the site 🙂