Raw Mayonnaise: recipe to make mayonnaise using only raw ingredients

20 minuts



Ingredients for a rich bowl of mayonnaise:

35gr organic peeled almonds
35gr cashew nuts
40gr water
half lemon juice
½ garlic clove
20gr extra virgin olive oil

Blend with a kitchen robot the almonds and the cashew nuts with water and lemon juice. Add then half garlic clove and the oil.

If you find the mixture too hard, you can add some extra virgin olive oil and some water.

This Raw Mayonnaise recipe is a basic and simple one. According to your own taste you can add some more garlic, capers or lemon juice; or some spices like paprika, turmeric or chives.

The result is simply delicious! You can combine this raw mayonnaise with some small cubes of vegetables (carrots, potatoes and so on). In this recipe I have played with the colors of vegetables and fruits.

I have created a sweet-salty combination using small balls of melon and watermelon with small balls of courgettes and cucumbers.


A special thanks goes to Francesca Fiorucci for the translation
Ricette correlate