Proteins on your Table: Vegan Gluten-free Lentil and Quinoa Burger

45 minuts



Ingredients for 4 people:

100 gr Organic Lentils
20gr Organic White Quinoa
5 teaspoons Organic Chickpea Flour
1 carrot
¼ medium-small Onion
whole sea salt
extra virgin olive oil

In a pan, boil the lentils and the quinoa. Let boil for around 20 minutes. Drain well. Meanwhile, make a quick “soffritto” with carrot and onion. Add some whole sea salt. In a big bowl mix the lentils and the quinoa with the “soffritto”.

Add some chickpea flour. Taste it to check if it is salty enough and adjust it with some more salt, if needed. The chickpea flour has already enough salinity on its own. Make a sort of patty and squeeze it to make a Burger (the diameter of the burger has to be around 3-4 centimetres).

Place all the Veggie Burgers on a baking tray, use some baking papers previously greased with sunflower or corn oil.

Pre-heat the oven (200 degrees) and when it is hot enough, put the burgers into the oven. Cook for 15/20 minutes These Lentil and Quinoa Burgers are perfect with soft spelt flour buns and with Vegan Mayonnaise!

If you have some spear ones, you can also freeze them.


Soffritto: the word “soffritto” comes from the Italian verb, soffriggere, to saute, is the base of practically any sauce, soup, risotto and more, in Italian cooking. It usually consists of hot oil in which a chopped onion or crushed garlic clove has been browned, often


A special thanks goes to Francesca Fiorucci for the translation