Cold cream of peas and cashews garnished with edible flowers

30 minutes



Ingredients for 4 people:

300gr of fresh organic Peas
50g of Organic Cashews
50g of organic soy milk
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
A little bit of sea salt
Edible flowers

Walking through our hills I collected Acacia and Acetosella flowers, spontaneous spring flowers.

In this period of the year we have intense aromas in the air thanks to the flowers and the new aromatic plants.

Then I went to my little garden and picked up the Marigold flowers. The flowers of Acacia, Acetodella and Marigold if collected in safe places (far from smog or fields infested with herbicides) are edible flowers, therefore they are edible flowers.

The intense colors of these flowers inspired me this simple all-vegan dish!

Pour soy milk and cashews into a bowl to make them soften.

Cook the peas over medium heat in a pot with plenty of water. Cook for twenty minutes.

Drain and cool well under running water.

In a mixer whisk the peas, cashews with soy milk. Add the oil and salt.

We must get a creamy and not liquid consistency. If too thick add a bit of late soy.

Let it cool.

Serving: in 4 soup plates lay a couple of tablespoons of pea and cashew cream.

Decorate with edible flowers.