Rainbow Buddha Bowl

30 minutes



Ingredients for 2 people:

100gr of spelled
1 zucchini
1 carrot
2 coasts of celery
1/2 yellow pepper
10 cherry tomatoes
1/2 small purple cabbage stump
2 tablespoons of dried red pepper
whole sea salt
extra virgin olive oil
apple vinegar


What is Buddha Bowl? Literally “Buddha’s bowls” are a recent trend in the web from east to west and veggies restaurants.

Therefore large bowls that refer to the Chinese Buddha as the image to contain good, healthy and balanced food.

The choice of ingredients ranges between vegetables, vegetables and plant foods. Objective is to get a dish, in any case, balanced.

Among other things, the Buddha Bowl reminds the ancient ritual of Buddhist monks to knock house by house with an empty bowl in the hands that the faithful filled with offers of food, flowers and incense.

What is important is that Buddha Bowl is inspired by the food style of Buddhist monks and oriental culture, where it is essential to nourish body and spirit as a medicine and cooking is a way to take care of oneself.

What you get are large, colorful bowls full of food that satisfies the body.

Compared to our mixed salads the ingredients are placed in the bowl separately and you need to have regard to the composition and also the color in the choice of food. The final result is to obtain a well balanced single dish between carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables, and therefore we obtain a single dish

Here is our proposal:

At the center I placed the spelled that I previously boiled well drained and seasoned with a little bit of sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. Then I garnish with thin slices of carrots and courgettes all raw, strips of celery, cubes of yellow pepper.

In addition I seasoned the thin slices of cabbage with apple vinegar, whole sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. In the parts left empty I inserted some cut tomatoes and half and in the end I sprinkled some dried slices of red pepper.

Our Buddha Bowl Rainbow is fabulous!