The “revolution” starts from the kitchen!


Being in the kitchen is a style of life!

Looking at the world of food, we are increasingly aware of how important it is to take back a simple and daily gesture such as cooking.

There is a journalism of inquiry that brings us more and more disturbing news on how they are systematically adulterated foods unfortunately also legally as it is enough to find the craze to circumvent any legislation on food safety.

And from here we want to insist on the concept that we need to transform raw materials into the home to produce our food that is a food that concerns our family as well as ourselves. An activity that helps to avoid that daily micro pollution through a purchased industrial food that not only has no nourishment but is often the result of biochemical alterations that certainly do not do well in the long run.

So the “revolution” starts right in the kitchen!

We talk about biological raw materials with easily traceable brands and if by chance we have any doubt we raise the “telephone handset” and call, let us know directly because our critical sense, even if single, can make the difference.
For example, it would be nice to be able to buy organic fruit and vegetables from a trusted organic farm and greet the farmer with a handshake as an act of trust. Organic and biodynamic vegetables make much more than once cooked. You notice it immediately from the more fibrous consistency and also, naturally from the taste.

Also with a simple purchase we help the economy of small farms that in my eyes are heroes in taking care of the land and respecting nature. We also make the difference in our daily life. And then as I said come back to the kitchen. In our courses of natural and vegan cooking we try to teach how to optimize time and resources and make sure that this gesture creates balance and not stress!

They often tell me: “Eh but buy biological costs !!!”

Well .. it’s not like that because on balance first of all with quality raw materials we have a greater final yield and then we must realize that we have food that really feeds us, nourishes our well-being.
In any case, we would like to thank the participants in our natural vegan cooking classes, who often point out to us that we have given them tips on home economics and how much we help to do the shopping, as well as how to eat in a balanced way.

We add that cooking, creating a dish, transforming and giving shape to food is an act of love, it is taking care of our loved ones, a daily ritual that is part of our memory and lifestyle.
We have so much biodiversity in this beautiful Italy that allows us to change this gesture of transforming food and therefore creativity, health and taste are continuous stimuli for cooking with JOY with our Arcobaleno in Cucina!