“Arcobaleno in Cucina” translated into Chinese on “VeganGirls” China!


“VeganGirls” is a new web platform in China, with the aim of communicating the vegetarian / vegan lifestyle.

“VeganGirls” is founded by three Shanghai ShiYu, Stefany and Luckydog girls!

We had the honor of hosting in our home in Pesaro ShiYu in February 2017 and we have not lost sight of each other since, after you have participated in a full immersion course of “Arcobaleno in Cucina”, she strongly stated that me and Marco we are his Italian parents. You can not see my face right now but I’m definitely moved !!


ShiYu is studying medicine in Shanghai but has a big project: dealing with Mother Earth and aspiring to become a “farm doctor”, connecting “taking care of the person through” taking care of the Earth “. In fact, he declares this in a recent interview on “Vegplanet” (the most authoritative online portal in Beijing that communicates the vegetarian style):

“To become a qualified vegetarian doctor, one should also be attentive to the close relationship between the health of the Earth Mother Earth and human health. This is also what I want to become a farm doctor, not just as a doctor to understand the human body, but also as an agronomist to understand how the earth manages life and gives continuity to human life. “And again:

“A doctor must first understand himself and know how to heal himself before he can understand how to heal others and how to heal the environment.”

Within the “VeganGirls” website the recipes for “Arcobaleno in Cucina” are published weekly and we are honored to be part of this group.


It gives us hope to know that three young Chinese women deal in such a sensitive and practical way to take care of people simply by communicating their life experience through the example of a style of life towards Mother Nature, Health and respect for all beings living.

Go VeganGirls !!!