I love my job!



I love my job! .. which I think sometimes is not a real job because thanks to the project “Rainbow in the Kitchen” is actually a project of life that together with Marco Mazzini, my partner, Naturopath expert in Nutrition Bioenergetics, we continuously research for to realize, through food, the well-being of people and obviously also of our daily eating.

At our courses in our city Pesaro and also around Italy and now also in China, we emphasize that it is important to respect the needs of the body of each person and seek the balance made by the choice of quality food, seasonality and territory.

So the search never ends!

I research, study and being passionate about art and photography I think of the color of the ingredients to give true JOY when I present a dish even the simplest.

Cooking sometimes is a kind of meditation. When I chop vegetables and look for the right shapes to set up the dish, I seem to enter another dimension of silence and listening. And so I do not know if, at this point, cooking is a job! .. and then the aromas and flavors!

Choosing quality raw materials is more than a good start to making a good dish. The food industry offers us everything and more but often at the expense of quality and health.

To feed well you need to buy quality materials and go back to cooking.

Knowing how to transform food is an act of freedom: open the refrigerator or the pantry and be able to cook, assemble and bring to the table beautiful, good and healthy dishes I think sometimes is a good lifestyle.

Marco is the official taster of “Rainbow in the Kitchen” who enjoys the role of judge to analyze balance in the choice of ingredients, taste and presentation of the dish. When it approves having fun, the dishes are then realized in the cooking classes that we organize at our “A tutto Arcobaleno” Club, a space that we have created in our home.

The result is a teamwork that perfectly coincides with our lifestyle and together we provide our research, our knowledge and even our hospitality.

We think it’s nice to be able to make people feel good through our suggestions talking about the right food, nature and well-being!

Ah the photo on the cover has made Paola one of our students and a fan of photography and also of Arcobaleno in Cucina, a great woman 🙂

… and the research continues!